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Thursday, February 09, 2006

From Laura/Shuttle

Camp Kawkawa has been apart of my life, my summers to be exact for the last 11 years. Since i was 6, and since then, I'm now 17, i've been attending camp. It's been the constant thing in my life that i can look forward to in my year.

These last two years I was lucky enough to be a HIS/LIT. I've wanted to be a counsellor at camp since i was little. I had some names picked out too, and finally 2 summers ago, I got to be one of those leaders. I've met some of the greatest people at camp, they may be older counsellors, fellow LIT's/HIS teamers, or campers, but they've impacted me.

God showed himself this last summer more then i thought. The summer before, 2004, i had gone because it sounded like fun. I didn't really pray about it, but after that summer, I knew i had to go back. 2005 summer came, and i sent my application in so early, and i felt that it was right. I still hadn't prayed about it, but it felt right. Well, during my summer with amazing people, i learnt something valuable. God leads my life. Yeah, for some that's obvious, and it was but it wasn't something I was living by. By watching staff, and see how they had trusted in God, it made me commit to something. I gave my life, gave Him control, which was hard for me because I had everything planned for my future. The best part of having God in control of my life, is knowing that he has the very best, the greatest future that i couldn't even think of for myself.

I love Camp Kawkawa with my whole heart, but, I loved it because of the people and the atmosphere, not just the location. Thank-you to any camper who i was in a cabin with or in the same week with, counsellors who taught me or who led me, and to the staff that changed me.