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Thursday, April 13, 2006

From Rouvin/Merc

Wow. I was a GLT for only one week and I must say that that particular week was one of the best weeks of my life. I didn't even want to go to camp that summer, but because of my friendship with Saf and Toby, I was told that another male GLT was needed, so I took a step and decided to serve. I will never regret making that decision, EVER.

Whilst at Camp Kawkawa, I met so many awesome people, people who were on fire for God, people who just wanted to love and people who wanted to serve. The campers were amazing and I'll never forget my cabin crew: Bryn, Stephen, David, Jordan, Scott, and Brian. All the leaders and volunteers of Kawkawa that I met that week also were just amazing (and I know I can't name all of you but I'll try - and in no particular order): Picasso, Shuttle, Bonanza, Rootbeer, Twig, McCrank, Cable, Iceman, Willie (LOSER CLUB!), Dash, Fraggle, Audio, Princess, Jingles, Philly, Nova, Pepsi, Archie (LOSER CLUB!), Camel, Crash, Jughead, Farley, Roads, Tinkerbell, Goldilox, Toby, Saf, Guvna, Kudos, Bishop, Jules, Azar and last but not least...Gandalf.

I'll miss the location of Kawkawa, but the camp itself will never die. God Bless everyone and remember that no matter the circumstance, Praise Be To God. Amen.