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Friday, May 05, 2006

From Kimberly Hartman

Kawkawa... two amazing months with Outtatown fall 2005. We got to be the last Outtatown site at Kawkawa. It wouldn't have been the same without all of you: Brad + Samantha, Tim + Carrie, Andrew, Dawn + Anthony, Paulette. You made us feel so much at home.

I remember Brad always trying to play some sort of trick on us, especially the time he tried to convince us that we couldn't go to Seattle because the border was closed just to bother Carmyn about seeing her boyfriend, and that we'd have to do crafts with the ladies all weekend because they'd be in all the rooms, so we couldn't have any space.

When Lorissa was baptised in the lake in November and they almost froze. Endless games of Mafia down in the lounge. So many trips into the Blue Moose or the Hope Rec Centre- where we all got discounts because people there were related to Tim (or something like that) A few girls refusing to go in the chapel (our classroom) because someone had seen a mouse in there. All of us being sad that we were travelling on Thankgiving and had to eat at restaurants, but then you made us a whole turkey dinner the next night. Our Christmas party. Our second last night where you all dressed up to serve us and insisted on doing the dishes too. The video that we made of Kawkawa for the Christmas party. Anthony always wanting to hang out with us, instead of eating with his parents, or doing what he was asked to, he just wanted to play with us: even on work day, he was right in there gathering leaves, and running messages around the camp. The very last night when you made us a fancy dinner again, even though it was the day after the party, Paulette was serving: dinner and a hug! When you all came to say goodbye the next morning even though we left at 5 am.

There's so much more that I could say, but I'll just leave it at: Kawkawa was such an important part of the year for so many of us- a bit of stability after moving around so much, somewhere to come home to after we'd been somewhere else. (Even after the first weekend in Vancouver, where we'd only stopped at Kawkawa to drop off the trailer, on the drive back people were excited

Kimberly Hartman/Outtatown 05