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Monday, October 08, 2007

From Dan C, camper '04

My first year at Camp Kawkawa was amazing. I had the best time. All of the leaders were so nice. Monk was my cabin leader. I was lucky I was there - my church had sent me. After my first year, I had gotten closer to God.

Then, the following year, I got a phone call, and I was notified by my church there was one spot for Kawkawa left. I took it, and got to spend another amazing week at Camp Kawkawa, get to get closer to God.

After my second year, I had decided that it was my time to get even closer to God - I was to submit my application to volunteer at Kawkawa for the '06 year. Sadly, they closed. After that, I was quite discouraged.

Now, I'm sure that God will help find Camp Kawkawa a new home.

To the publisher of the website: If there is anything needed to help Kawkawa re-locate, like an extra pair of hands, I beg you to email me and we can figure something out.