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Monday, October 08, 2007

From Roberta/Bertski

How much space do I get???

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

I know for many of you, Kawkawa was not just a camp or a place to go to in the summer, it was home. We grew up as campers, moved onto summer staff and then year round staff. I remember so many of you when you walked into the dinning hall for the first time at the young age of 8. I remember when Kawkawa first opened in 1974 -- my older sister was one of the first campers to attend. I could hardly wait to go. I remember getting off the bus -- knees shaking, wondering if I would be okay and then the week was suddenly over and I could hardly wait to return. No one can erase or remove the many times of joy, laughter, tears, and lessons that we all learnt on that 40 acres of property. It is great to just know that God used Kawakawa greatly for the years that it was open and only He can see fully and know the need for it's time to end. Prem (Ron Carter) had an amazing saying... "teach yourself out of a job." That is what Kawakawa did. God used it to the fullest for the time period that He needed. The question is not why God closed Kawkawa, but what are we going to do with the lessons about Him, the truths about Him that we learnt there? Are we going to sit back and hold it all in? Or are we going to take up our cross and continue to spread God's word?

We each think about the particular summer or summers that we worked or attended Kawkawa, but don't forget the men and women that discovered the camp with God's guiding. How now one else bought the property, how Alliance churchs just had the right amount of money to buy the property. Remember the men and women who dug holes, built cabins, cooked our food, scrubbed those toliets (made some friends), and did the behind scenes work so that we could know Christ. That is what Kawkawa was about -- remember the symbol... a sun, mountains and water all pointing towards heaven. Remember the reason... to bring people to a closer relationship with God.

So to my dear past campers -- and co-workers -- Hold fast to the truth of God and use what He taught you at Kawkawa to help bring others closer to Him.

Love you all -- Bertski