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Monday, October 08, 2007

From Ron/Prem

It was my delight and honour to work with Camp Kawkawa for 16 years and watch it and all the people who attended, grow in Christ. I've been retired since 1999 so many of the names in the various comments I have read are not known to me, but some bring back vivid memories of how great God is. Pillsbury, it is delightful to know you are still an active supporter. To see Mark Roth's name was a particular blessing. God bless each one of you. RAC "Prem"

I think it's great that you have assembled these memories of Kawkawa and its people. Keep it up because these messages can, and will be a great source pf encoagement to many people for countless years ahead.I pray that God's work in each Kawkawa person will not slow down now that CK is gone but will accelerate with the end result that thousands around the globe will come to Jesus. Thank you to all the Kawkawa people from my past. You were all great.