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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


There is lots to be done - repairs, grounds clean-up, and funds raised. Email me, Hillary/Pillsbury (link on the sidebar), if you'd like to help and I'll pass your name on to the organizing committee. Keep leaving your stories! It's great to hear your memories!

Keep your eyes on http://www.kawkawa.com/ for the new website!

This is a blog dedicated to the celebration of Kawkawa Camp and Retreat in Hope, BC. While it was closed for two years, it is OPEN once more! An indepth survey was done by a qualified geotechnical engineer and not only is camp safe to operate, it's even safer than we though it was before it closed!

Look for the new site www.kawkawa.com coming soon, and a news blog that will keep you updated with the most recent news and events, and will be a place to ask questions about what's new at Kawkawa.

For now, I invite you to take a few minutes to tell your story...

Click on any of the photos above to share your memories or comments. What is a favourite memory of Kawkawa? How has your life been impacted by the place and the people there? What lessons did God teach you? How have you seen God at work through Kawkawa? Write anything you'd like, short, long, or in between. I am hoping to collect your thoughts and pictures and somehow get them turned into a book.

To leave your story, click the link at the bottom of any post. Scroll down through the comments and enter your name and your email address* and a web address if you have one. Be sure to let me know, too, if you want me to put a link to your site in the "Friends of Kawkawa" section.

Stories will be collected and posted every few days on this site directly, so they are easier to read.

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