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Thursday, February 09, 2006

From Jesse/Rook

I can still remember the very first time I ever set foot on Kawkawa ground. I was completely freaked out ("what am I doing here"). I had phoned the week before the first camp in 2001 and was surprised that they accepted my application (had I had any camp experience before this I would have known different, lol). I had no idea what was in store for me that summer, or how much it would change my life after. When I came back for my second summer, a couple of people were surprised to see me (not quite sure why, I never did ask them) but it turned out to be another great time and I was really able to grow with the help of my fellow staff and especially my campers. I can’t say that every moment was enjoyable at the time, but I think that I have learned the lessons I needed to and I would not trade the time I spent there for anything. I don't believe that God is restricted to buildings, but when so much love and worship go on in one place for such a long time, and so many friends and memories are made, it's hard not to be attached to the physical place. Although I moved from BC, I always thought that I'd be able to make it back for another summer or two. But still, I'm so grateful that I was able to be apart of it all.

From Niki/Nova

This is still very hard for me to accept, but I rejoice in knowing that God has done AMAZING things at this camp, working through the lives of staff to reach campers, and even through campers, to reach staff. I started to be involved with Kawkawa in 1997, but it wasn't until 2004 that I was able to finally work on staff. So I came for what I thought would be just the summer, 2 weeks in he changed my heart and my vision and 5 weeks in I was hired to be year round staff. At the end of the summer it was quite a shock to see everyone leave and be left behind with Murfi, Duck, Java (the kids), Link, Guzzle, Mr Potts, Giggles and the unforgettable Rainbow. As many know that year brought MANY changes, and had I known what was going to happen, I doubt I would've followed God's leading to stay. I had to say some hard goodbyes, but I've met some amazing people who have left their mark on my life. I'll never forget the time I was introduced as "No-Fun", doing EVERYONE's laundry, painting in the middle of winter, serving orca soup and those crazy Settler tournaments. Also who can forget moving days? I think I lived in 12 different buildings in 15 months...ah, the joys of camp life! It's been great friends, thank you for all that you have taught me. And praise be to God, who gave us Kawkawa for a time and has allowed countless lives to be changed forever through the obedience of his people. Alleluia!

From Emily

Wow, I don't know where to start.5 awesome summers at Camp Kawkawa.I have to say Kawkawa was the best place on earth. Every summer Kawkawa was the highlight of my summer. All the consellors were AMAZING. All the memories I had will never fade away from sleeping on the dock to shaving Govna's legs on the beach. Kawkawa always brought me closer and closer to God every year. Whenever I was up at camp it always felt like God was really working in my heart. Thanks to everyone who made my summers unbelieveable. Yes It's hard to see this awesome camp go but it will always be one of my favourite memories. Once again I thank you!
May God Bless!

From Derek/Nevada

Camp Kawkawa helped turn my life around, when i was 16 i decided to accept a position as a Maintenance worker. I had never expierienced anything like this camp, I had rededicated my life to Christ, and was so grateful to come back to be part of the HIS Team in the summer of 2003. I was able to be baptized in Kawkawa Lake, and keep tha moment dear to my heart.I can never truly explain how what this camp has done, I still look at my time in maintenance in August of 2002 as the greatest turning point in my life. I had never got the chance to come back to this place as that my family and I had moved to Airdrie, AB after the summer of 03. I will greatly miss this camp now that it will be closing. I am nevertheless reminded of the words of Romans 12 which show that "God causes everything to happen for the good of the glory of God". Kawkawa may be going physically, but what it has done to my heart, and my entirer life, will never fade away.

Derek Craddock

From Laura/Shuttle

Camp Kawkawa has been apart of my life, my summers to be exact for the last 11 years. Since i was 6, and since then, I'm now 17, i've been attending camp. It's been the constant thing in my life that i can look forward to in my year.

These last two years I was lucky enough to be a HIS/LIT. I've wanted to be a counsellor at camp since i was little. I had some names picked out too, and finally 2 summers ago, I got to be one of those leaders. I've met some of the greatest people at camp, they may be older counsellors, fellow LIT's/HIS teamers, or campers, but they've impacted me.

God showed himself this last summer more then i thought. The summer before, 2004, i had gone because it sounded like fun. I didn't really pray about it, but after that summer, I knew i had to go back. 2005 summer came, and i sent my application in so early, and i felt that it was right. I still hadn't prayed about it, but it felt right. Well, during my summer with amazing people, i learnt something valuable. God leads my life. Yeah, for some that's obvious, and it was but it wasn't something I was living by. By watching staff, and see how they had trusted in God, it made me commit to something. I gave my life, gave Him control, which was hard for me because I had everything planned for my future. The best part of having God in control of my life, is knowing that he has the very best, the greatest future that i couldn't even think of for myself.

I love Camp Kawkawa with my whole heart, but, I loved it because of the people and the atmosphere, not just the location. Thank-you to any camper who i was in a cabin with or in the same week with, counsellors who taught me or who led me, and to the staff that changed me.

From Cathy/Ozzie

Here is a bit of my story and how I ended up at Kawkawa from Sydney Australia. When I first came in 2001 I really didnt know what I was doing I just knew that I didnt want to go to university and I knew that I had to leave home...so why not go to the other side of the world. My dads cousin recommended Kawkawa as a camp to go to so I sent an email to Ed and in June 2001 I arrived not really knowing what a summer camp was. I have made life long friends from that summer and was really encouraged to get back on track with God. I felt that God had placed me there that particular summer to love and care for other staff as well as the campers. I have now been involved in many camps back home in Australia and have been able to touch many kids lives here. I know it is only because of my experience at Kawkawa that I have been able to do what I have done. I just want to say thanks to those at Kawkawa and remind everyone that it isnt just those campers and staff that come to Kawkawa during the summer who benefit from the camp but my friends, family and the camps that I have been on in Australia have also benefited from the work of Kawkawa.

I so wish that I would have been there on Saturday to see the camp for one last time...and since I couldn't I will remember through my many albums of photos the wonderful Camp Kawkawa.

From Ashley/Gidget

I honestly dont know what to say, or where to begin, but I do know that Kawkawa played a major role in my life. Ever since I was old enough to Go, I went, with such excitement that I can't even describe it. In a way, I grew up with kawkawa, it was always there for me, through my many (and I mean Many) camp crushes, freindships, lessons learned, and much more. God, through Kawkawa, led me to dedicate my life to christ, led me to the waters of baptism, and to a deeper understanding of my faith. I was there when kawkawa critters were for sale, and would always bring one home for my cousins. I was there up until I was too old to be a kid anymore, and so I joined HIS team and scrubbed toilets for the summer. I will always remember the friendships that were made through Kawkawa, the summers I spent writing letters to my counsellors (Notique, Tigger and Piglet, mostly) the time we'd play beach volleyball, and all scramble for tuck to open, the flying fox, which eventually turned into the flier, and just.. everything. There were many times when I can say a campfire at kawkawa changed my outlook, even as a staff member.

I'll always miss the times when we'd have to do stupid stuff to get our mail, when we'd have crazy games at the table to decide who does dishes, and skit night.. i'll never forget skit night.. Just so many memories stem from Kawkawa, from annual pictures with a friend to writing addresses in a notebook to keep in touch, and everything in between.

I am very sad to see kawkawa gone, but I am glad for the time it was there for so many kids and staff alike. Kawkawa will be missed, but the time that God used it will not be forgotten. God Bless all of you, I am thankful to be able to say that Kawkawa was a part of my life, and I hope that you can as well..

Much Love,
Gidget (Ashley Schalin)